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Interview with Rob Mallozzi, First Selectman for the Town of New Canaan

Rick Franco.jpg
Interview with Rick Franco, owner of Franco's Wines

Paul Gallo.jpg
Interview with Paul Gallo, Wrestling Coach, New Canaan High School

Pat Brooks.jpg
Interview with Patricia Brooks, former Restaurant Critic for the New York Times

Lou Marinelli.jpg
Interview with Lou Marinelli, Football Coach, New Canaan High School

Joe Rucci.jpg
Interview with Joe Rucci, one of the founding members of the Rucci Law Group

Jay Egan.jpg
Interview with Jay Egan, Athletic Director, New Canaan High School

Dan Ward.jpg
Interview with Dan Ward, former Town Council and Library Board President

Alicia Wyckoff.JPG
Interview with Alicia Wyckoff, current (June 2016) New Canaan Library Board President
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