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Portrait of a Golden Angel.jpg
I did this painting on sort of a dare, in a demo another artist gave. I am not generally interested in animal painting, but I wanted to give it a whirl. The emphasis was on light and leaving as much white paper as possible, without having a…

Norwalk Marina.jpg
I was fascinated by the empty colored buildings looking out to the sky, passing by one day on my way to the ASW art store .You might have missed them if you didn't stop to have a good look. I was looking only at that boat. I learned to stop and…

This may be the second horse I ever have done. She reminded me of a beautiful shy girl, her hand-made leathers a challenge. Her mane and eyelashes were too much to resist.

Queen Annes Lace_Wild Carrot.jpg
I have long been an admirer of this weed, even as a child. Since the adults said it was awful and made them sneeze I abandoned it until I began to paint and saw the delicate beauty of it in a different light. Yes, I even liked goldenrod, but found…

I enjoyed painting this as I liked the variations on color emanating from each side.

Alfreds Stream.JPG
This is the stream and pond across the way that runs from there into our pond. It is not only beautiful with humming birds feeding inside the walls and wild flowers growing all around. More importantly he built a wooden bridge across the span and…

2 Splash Vases.JPG
I call these my "Splash " paintings as they come directly from the wash applied and not from an idea from a photo. Splashing around with color, leaving white space for things to happen or forcing them to happen. Always on wet paper they are wet in…
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