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Liana Moonie, A Retrospective

Artwork by Liana Moonie. On display August 25, 2016 – October 9, 2016.

Artist Statement

My paintings spring from a love and appreciation of Nature, filtered through ever-changing life experiences. The art reflects what I see now and what I have experienced throughout my life. In this process my inner response and outward expression are constantly providing creative challenges.

When I look at one of the wondrous natural scenes which surrounds us, I feel the need to portray the emotional impact of the scene more than the objects themselves. In expressing my impressions in abstract form, I am consciously freeing form and color from Nature to focus on the essential order of things as I see and feel them.

In my daily living I strive to become a better person and to improve my conscious contact with a higher spiritual being; and in my art I constantly strive to attain a higher level of expression.


Looking at Liana Moonie’s paintings we may recall Rothko’s floating fields of color or perhaps Diebenkorn’s linear landscapes of the 1970s, but right away there is something else that makes these abstractions uniquely her own: Joy. What most animates the work is the woman herself. She of an irrepressible, other-worldly radiance is what makes the pieces shimmer, what makes them windows to an exceptional soul.

Her work has been exhibited widely in museums, galleries, and institutions in the United States and abroad, and is included in public, private, and corporate collections. An advocate and leader in the arts, most especially as a champion of women artists, Moonie worked tirelessly on behalf of the National Association of Women Artists (N.A.W.A.) where she established the organization’s permanent collection, housed at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University. She was recently awarded a lifetime Legacy Award by the Silvermine Arts Center.

Moonie is dismantling her studio and retiring to a much smaller space, making this a propitious time for consideration and acquisition of the fine artist’s work. We are pleased to present this retrospective exhibition, which compiles work from different periods of this legendary artist’s remarkable career.

Liana Moonie, A Retrospective