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Silent Square

Artwork by Katya Lebrija and Valery Sutherland. On display February 22, 2018 - April 8, 2018.

Curator Statement

Informed by a dreamlike cartography, these works by Katya Lebrija and Valery Sutherland freshly map real and imagined places. The artists draw us in with strongly composed fields that feel unexpectedly light and free because they defy perspective: Are we up, or down? On land, in space? They might indicate a road to somewhere, with aqueous palettes and amorphous forms beckoning elsewhere. Externally oriented and inwardly directed, these pieces invite unexpectedly delightful deciphering and reflection.

Artist Statements

Katya Lebrija

My work is a celebration of my Mexican roots. Through vibrant colors and textures, I express myself without rules or hesitation. I approach the canvas with an idea in mind that gets spontaneous and emotional through the process. I always find my paintings holding conversations with each other.

Valery Sutherland

On a road trip to Florida, I sketched and photographed some of the things that we saw on our journey. I used some of those images for the Road Trip series, together with some of my own digital images of split logs, leaves, and plants, superimposing them onto the paintings almost in the manner of graffiti. I consider the paintings to be abstract landscapes.