Artwork by Karen Kent On display January 10, 2019 - March 3, 2019. For inquiries please contact karenkent@optonline.net.


Owls have been considered mythical creatures in multiple cultures throughout history. In Ancient Greek mythology, the owl was a creature sacred to Athena, Goddess of the Night, who represented wisdom. To the Welsh, the owl is a night predator -- the only bird capable of defeating the swift falcon and then only at dusk, its time of power.  The owl symbolizes death and renewal, wisdom, moon magic, and initiations

In her work, Karen Kent brings owls down from their supernatural pedestal. Her owls are exuberant and approachable, sometimes even humorous. With bold, expressive brushstrokes and mixed media touches Kent gives each owl a distinct personality and even names some after the people she knows: Jack. Hugh. Maurice. However, these birds know their value. They may not be mythical, but they are still majestic. Each piece stands out as a magnificent piece of art that grabs the viewer and calls her back to see it again and again.

Curators: Annamari Mikkola and Christle Chumney


I strive to make paintings that are intuitive, open to interpretation and above all, to express beauty through color, line and form. While I am working, I am transported to places that combine my collective memories with imaginings of the ethereal world of ideas, structures and surrounding environments.

The relationship between the paintings and people, places, and experiences is through mark making with medium – brush, pencil, charcoal – on a prepared surface. It is a physical connection to my recollections, in abstract form. The work becomes a portal for the viewer to enter and pause for reflection.

I am

an artist

an animal lover

a romantic

a realist






a mother

a loyal friend

I am Karen Kent