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Artwork by Jane Davila & Karen Kalkstein. On display October 8, 2019 - December 1, 2019. 


I incorporate printmaking techniques and paper into my fiber work as a connection to the printmaking work that began my art career. I am particularly drawn to fish, birds and insects as subjects and frequently include them within rectilinear compositions that represent abstractions of landscape.

Karen Kalkstein's ARTIST STATEMENT

My art work is about the colors, textures and rhythms of the natural world: birth, growth, death, decay — the earth with its hidden secrets and obvious grandeur. 

For several years now, in Vermont, I’ve been collecting pieces of birch bark shed by the trees in winter. It’s a compulsive activity, just for fun, the way collecting shells on a beach can be. I started using bits of bark in my collage work. They proved so varied and enticing that I made whole collages of only the bark. 

I peel thin layers from the shed bark curls. Using archival wood glue, I
attach them in carefully thought-out patterns to heavy print-making paper or wood panels.

There was an old wasp nest that had been on my work table. Soon layers of that nest found their way into the collages. The lines in the wasp paper added a linear element like drawing. Other materials like feathers, little stones, torn bits of old work and newspapers became elements that I could “paint” with. This is my most recent work: Textured Bark “Paintings”.


Curators: Amara Johnson, Christie Nichols, and Terry Spring

Art & Text