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New Canaan Library

Face to Face, Now & Then

Artwork by Malcolm Moran. On display June 18- August 9, 2015.

Malcom Moran takes us through a progression, of his subjects but also of his own attempts to make sense of the world around him. He begins with a male image, Benedict, whose initial black-and-white rendering gradually takes on color and subtle changes of expression. From one piece to the next, we walk the subject’s transformation, with each subsequent rendering telling a slightly different story. So too with Selina, the female figure who was so important to him in early childhood. With him from day one until he was about eight, Selina was his interpreter, and her interpretation brought calm and order to the story of his life as it unfolded. What we see in this progression of pieces is a kind of mutual unfolding—Moran unfolding Selina who unfolded Moran—as well as a means of self-understanding for Moran, who unravels his own story in the process.

In the work of Malcolm Moran, a current of whispered stories mysteriously beckons, connecting the now with an ancestral past that brings shape and substance to the moment. “A picture may unravel a personal puzzle that leads to an image that leads to a new story that needs unravelling,” Moran explains. So, one painting usually leads to the next and the next, like links in a never-ending chain that isn’t quite linear.

Face to Face, Now and Then can be viewed as living segments of those interconnected links, revealing something of themselves and their artist, as well as the process of decoding how it is with us.

Face to Face, Now & Then