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Character of Place

Raven Wall

Character of Place by María Lara & Susan Newbold. On display July 14 – August 21, 2016

When we first considered pairing María and Susan together for a two-person exhibit, we were inspired by a reference to topography in both artist’s work. From the beginning, we anticipated an exhibit about place. The resulting work is not particularly topographical in nature; it is, instead, rooted to the hyper-local, the most personal space we all inhabit: home. Home not in the sense of shelter, but the site of the home, the place in the landscape where these two artists reside.

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for this show has been the collaborative effort between Susan Newbold and María Lara. Over the last five months they have had an incredibly fruitful and stimulating exchange that has resulted in thirty 12”x12” mixed-media vignettes, or journal entries, a visual journey of their discussions through color, form, and medium. While their work and their visual vocabulary are quite different, their work habits are similar in terms of discipline, focus, and practice. Vital to both are the notebooks they each keep that serve as repositories for ideas, sketches, and what would seem to be meanderings until a small detail in a notebook surfaces as a theme that drives the work they pursue. This similarity in habit and note-taking helped make the collaboration seamless and mutually rewarding.

Character of Place